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Hello and welcome to Nthekelehoo by Skymart Service for Ebay, Amazon and any other online store globally. Our Service is tailored to the people of Southern Africa such as yourself who would like to gain access to the incredible global online shopping experience for unique products that are not readily available in your country. In addition we wish to help our clients shop easily and hassle-free in a safe and secure environment and ship your products into your country.

Nthekelehoo bySkymart is a subsidiary of Skymartbw (Pty) Ltd, and was formed in June 2012. We have 7 years of experience in cross border commerce and shipping. We specialize in transporting cargo and merchandize from 6 key domains including USA, UK, South Africa, India and China to countries across the globe more specifically to Southern African nations. Thanks to its concrete partnership with other logistics and shipping firms such as DHL, Fedex, Aramax and many more, Skymartbw.com provides its customers with swift freight transport at competitive prices. Our Easy to use payments systems allow you as a user to easily and quickly pay for your packages convieniently at your comfort. We accept PayPal, debit/credt card payments and a wide variety of African mobile payment solutions such as Orange Money.

At Skymart, we provide our customers with the best online shopping and shipping experience. 
We give them direct, easy access to an incredible selection of Internationally sold goods and top brands from the most popular websites, at highly-competitive prices. Any product ordered is shipped to its destination safely and efficiently and is carefully monitored throughout the entire shipping process. Customers are regularly updated about the whereabouts of their packages, starting at dispatching and concluding once the goods are safely delivered.  Our USA, UK and South African logistics centers cater to customers’ every need at all times. 
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